Crab by Sunshiners®

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Crab is a unique animal. The crab’s unique movement, never moving forward, instead always backwards or sideways reminds us to think outside the box in troubled times. Crab’s movement serves as a reminder that not all paths are direct and straightforward, sometimes taking lesser known path can bring us clarity. The crab symbolizes freedom, mobility and prosperity. 

Enchant your space by hanging this beautiful ornament in your garden, porch or a window where it can catch the light.  


Material: Copper and glass
Measurements: 7”H x 10 1/2” W
Care: wipe with damp cloth
Notes: Each item is hand made and of a kind. As such, some variance is to be expected.

The Story

Sunshiners® are unique pieces of art that transform sunlight into vibrant colorful reflections. Each piece is distinct, made out of copper and glass, in a unique style, developed over the years with a rich color design, then glassed. Sunshiners® are two sided and beautifully reflect light as they turn. Sunshiners® are designed to be used indoors or outdoors.