About Us

Sunshiners® is a local art collaborative founded by husband and wife, Mary and Ryan Matway. The story began in 2017 when Mary & Ryan met a local artist.  They invested into the venture and set out to pass on their knowledge of growing a business to their new-found friend/partner.

As they began to teach the craft to others and grow the collaborative, they saw firsthand the impact the work had on those around them and realized something special was in the wind. One of the couple’s friends, who raises an autistic child found great joy in the art form and says it has transformed her life.  Like many, Ryan’s late mom and Mary’s mother found a powerful connection/relief in helping make the art.  It has also helped us channel our loss in a healthy and constructive way.  “I find myself completely consumed with breaking glass, creating new pieces and coming up with new concepts.  It’s very satisfying bringing creative ideas to reality and it all pays off when you see the smile on the customers face.  It’s absolutely priceless to experience their joy.  Art is powerful, a magical therapy for all of us” says Ryan “To me, Sunshiners® are all about fun, love and most importantly about bringing a little magic and happiness to everyone they touch”. Mary says. Living in Florida provides endless inspirations and creative possibilities: the ocean, wildlife and nature all share so many beautiful opportunities.  

Sunshiners® are 100% handmade in our West Palm Beach studio.  Each piece is distinct, handcrafted from copper and glass in a unique style, with a rich color design, transforming sunlight into vibrant colorful reflections.  The result is a one of a kind, stunning piece of art, promising to delight you every time it catches your eye. Enchant your space by hanging this beautiful piece of art in your garden, porch or a window where it can catch the light.  We welcome you to take a look at our collection and hope that you too will experience a little happiness that’s more than surface deep.